Thank you for visiting my website to learn more about me and my campaign! I am a candidate running for the West Virginia House of Delegates for the 35th District, which is comprised of sections of Kanawha City, South Hills, and South Charleston and encompasses all of Nitro, St. Albans, Jefferson and Dunbar.


I was born and raised in eastern Kanawha County, where I learned respect, integrity, and the value of an honest day’s work from my parents. This loving and solid foundation instilled upon me the drive to actively seek new opportunities and to never accept limitations.

My roots and passion have remained in Kanawha County, and I am now running for the House of Delegates because I believe I can make an impact that will allow our people, specifically young adults, to seek and find meaningful employment, even start their own businesses, just as I was able to do, and attain a higher quality of life for their families and future generations.

I am a solutions-oriented person who will work to create and support common sense approaches to improve our state’s ailing public education system, amend our tax code to make West Virginia attractive to all businesses, and to support and stimulate our natural resources sector – the lifeblood of our state.


I am proud to be running as a non-incumbent, and I will never accept “this is the way we’ve always done it” as an excuse. I will read each bill, research, ask questions, and educate myself to make the most informed and best decisions for the people of the 35th District.

I am honored that you are here to obtain more information about me and my campaign, and it would be my great privilege and honor to earn your vote and have the opportunity to serve you in the legislature.

All the best,


Paid by Suzette Raines for House of Delegates, Amanda Meadows, Treasurer